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rcpptimer 1.1.0

CRAN release: 2024-03-20


  • Add new Rcpp::CppTimer::ScopedTimer class. This can be used to time the lifespan of an object until it goes out of scope. This is useful for timing the duration of a function or a loop. The fibonacci example was updated to use this new class.
  • Warn about timers that are not stopped when aggregate is called (no matching toc() statement).
  • Warn about timers for which no matching tic() statement was found.
  • Add verbose parameter to the Timer class to control whether above warnings should be printed or not (defaults to true).
  • Add introductory vignette to the package.


  • Fixed cases where only toc() was called without matching tic().
    • This led to a segfault in the previous version.
  • Fix reset() method which was not working properly in some cases where timers spread out over multiple methods.
  • Fix non-default constructors of the Timer class. They were not working properly in the previous version.

rcpptimer 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2024-03-05

This is the initial release of rcpptimer. It is based on RcppClock but contains a number of improvements:

  • OpenMP support
  • Auomatically returns results to R as soon as the C++ Object goes out of scope
  • Fast computation of Mean and Standard Deviation of the results in C++
  • Uses tic and toc instead of tick and tock to be consistent with R’s tictoc package
  • Allways reports microseconds resolution
  • Many more performance improvements